God is a medicinal chemist

How do I know? Because, apparently, she likes easy chemistry 😉 That is at least what claim Prof. Evgueny Krasavin from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR, Russia) and Prof. Ernesto Di Mauro from Sapienza University (Italy).

Krasavin explains their experiments to La Voix de la Russie:

“We irradiated a suspension of meteoric dust in formamide and we looked at what happened. Irradiation of formamide alone gives rise to certain organic compounds, but by irradiation with protons in the presence of meteoric matter we have obtained absolutely everything: ribonucleic acids, and diverse sugars. There, you have all you need for building coding macromolecules and for the first metabolic stages”.

In Di Mauro’s words:

“All the essential metabolic compounds are formed spontaneously. Therefore, there is no need whatsoever to resort to divine providence, nor to complex chemical processes. Life is born in a very simple manner. And that may have strong implications”.

In summary, one can synthesis nucleic acids and sugars, the molecules from which all known forms of life can be build upon, just by irradiating a suspension of meteoric powder in small organic molecules known to be present in meteorites. This is, needless to say, a very plausible explanation for the chemical origin of life, which clearly deserves further consideration.

Religious fanatics are, as it could not be otherwise, mad at this discovery, for it contributes to make their God quite superfluous.

However, we propose an alternative explanation, already revealed in the tittle: It is not that God does not exists, but she is just a medicinal chemistry. Thus, she is not at all into sophisticated chemical couplings with Japanese names such as Sonogashira, Negishi or Suzuki. Besides, she does not mind much about yield. She likes to keep it simple and as far as she finds some kind of biological activity she appears to be pretty satisfied to call it a day (or six, for what matters).

I am just concerned with a little detail, though: Where on hell does chirality comes from? Yes, it is clear that medchems does not like chirality either, but it is almost omnipresent in life…

NOTE: Artigo de La Voix de la Russie em galego: http://portuguese.ruvr.ru/2014_02_23/Descoberta-causa-primeira-do-aparecimento-da-vida-no-Universo-0936/