Sinéad against the world

I could not help but following the argument between Sinéad Marie Bernadette Ní Chonchúir (aka Sinéad O’Connor) and Destiny Hope Cyrus  (aka Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana):

Sinéad O'Connor

Of course I am a hundred percent with Sinéad. Being a kamikaze, my heart will always be by the side of those rowing against the tide, and the most fashionable tide nowadays is, in the precise Sinéad’s words, prostitution. So, it could not be otherwise, I am against it 😉

However, I personally find Sinéad’s notion of prostitution is a bit narrow. Being raised as a catholic, she tends to restrict the concept to sex-related activities and, more specifically, to female sex-related activities such as showing your tities and the like, whereas I do not care that much about that.

For me, a working definition of prostitution would be something (whatever it might be) that a man or a woman do mostly for the money. Of course, under the broader umbrella of such a concept, most of us would be prostitutes and, of course, as rightly pointed out by Sinéad, if, by means of your work, some lazy bastard is becoming even richer than he actually is, then you are the most miserable kind of prostitute that one could possibly imagine.

And not only are we prostitutes, but we are also raising our children to be prostitutes just as their parents, or even worse… (and here we are getting to the very roots of the problem).

Yes, because Sinéad seems to assume, maybe by candidly extrapolating her own experiences, that Miley is an artist, a musician, whose primary goal in life is  to express herself through the art of music but who is being manipulated by some evil producers and managers.

I see it differently. For me, Miley, as pretty much any other individual in the show business, is just another greedy and vain little scum bag who would do anything (and I mean absolutely anything) for money. And she seems to me absolutely aware of what she is doing. Greed and vanity are indeed the two main driving forces in our civilisation. She is just a product and, as such, she has been manufactured to be what she is from the very cradle.

Sinéad is concerned about the role model Cyrus represents for other young women and girls. So I am. But Cyrus is only a confirmation model. The root values have already been planted there, right into the head of every little child, from the very cradle. The are pre-programmed to be greedy and vain for those are the features that better suit their future roles in society: prostitutes (slaves) and compulsive consumers.

I believe that, before reaching the end of this documentary, it will become obvious that Hannah Montana was a lot more perverse and injurious than Miley Cyrus will ever be.