Updating the IPMI firmware of a Tyan S7025 motherboard

I have already explained elsewhere how to update the BIOS of this very same motherboard.  Today I am going to explain how to update the IPMI firmware. The procedure is very similar, you just need to download an extra external application.

1.- Format a USB pen drive as FAT32 (this erases all the data on the drive).

2.- Use the program UNetbootin to copy a FREEDOS system to the USB pen drive.

3.- Download the socflash tool from Aspeed: http://upload.aspeedtech.com/SOC/1117450218540864.zip and extract it somewhere (extract also the rar file corresponding to the SocFlash tool).

4.- Download the IPMI firmware file from Tyan: http://www.tyan.com/support_download_IPMI.aspx?model=S.S7025 and extract it somewhere.

5.- Create a new directory in the USB pen drive and copy into it both the SocFlash executables and the firmware file.

6.- Reboot and, while memory checking, press F11 in order to be able to choose the booting drive, when prompted choose the USB drive.

7.- Type C: and go into de directory where you have the firmware and the flashing tool (dir to list files and cd to change directory).

8.- Type socflash 70250102.i01 backup.old (replace 70250102.i01 with whatever your firmware file is called).

9.- If there are no warning messages you are fine. Reboot.

USUAL DISCLAIMER: This method worked for me and it is in this blog just as a reminder for myself. I do not suggest anybody else should try it and if you do so you do it at your own risk. The important bit was taken from this comment.