How to uptade the BIOS and the VBIOS of a of a Nexoc Osiris E705III [Clevo M570RU-U] notebook

Flashing the BIOS and the vBIOS of a of a Nexoc Osiris E705III [Clevo M570RU-U] notebook

I have explained this before, however, things have changed a little bit since Clevo decided to remove from its website the download links for the flash utilities. In addition, I find the USB pendrive method a bit more convenient.

1) Certain nice guy has put together EC/KBC version 11 and BIOS version 13 in a ISO image you can donwload from here. All you have to do is to burn the ISO to a CD, reboot, boot from the CD and follow the instructions. Update first EC/KBC and then, after rebooting, update the BIOS.

My operating system (Debian Squeeze 64-bit) did not boot after flashing the BIOS. To solve this problem enter the BIOS menu (F2) and then go to Advanced -> Reset Configuration Data. Save and exit. You are done.

WARNING: These flash utilities are in fact  for a Sager NP5793. They work for me but they may not work for you.
2) Another fellow has made available several different versions of the ROMs for the Nvidia 8800M GTX vBIOS. You can download the file from here. You also have to download the actual flash utilities from here and extract them somewhere. This will create a folder called 57RU_GTX. Then you can extract the ROMS contained in the .exe file previously downloaded to the 57RU_GTX folder.

With Unetbootin, you can create a FreeDOS liveCD on a USB pendrive. Now copy the 57RU_GTX folder to the pendrive and reboot (you may need to configure your BIOS to boot from an USB key). Once you reach the FreeDOS boot menu choose to boot to a safe mode console. Type “C:” and then “cd 57RU_GTX”. Then type “nvflash -4 -5 -6 nameofthefile.rom”, where name of the file is the ROM you want to install. Beware that DOS will shorten your file names, you can type “dir” to see the actual DOS names. I installed version which I believe to be the most recent one.

Provided that this model was released in late 2007, for today’s standards it is already an out-of-date machine and therefore I guess it is quite unlikely that Clevo will release more recent versions of the BIOS and vBIOS.