Adobe Flash Player 64 bit

Adobe has released yesterday the second preview of Flash Player “Square”, which is reported as being version This plugin supports again native 64-bit browsers. Adobe had withdrawn support for the 64-bit architecture a few months ago alleging security vulnerabilities in the previous preview plugin (at the time only available for GNU/Linux). They recommenced that 64-bit user should instead install the 32-bit plugin along with a 32-bit browser. In addition to GNU/Linux, the new preview release also provides 64-bit native support for the two most popular proprietary operating systems.

The plugin has already reached the Debian repositories. The official package is called flashplugin-nonfree, whereas the one from Debian Multimedia repositories is flashplayer-mozilla.

The lack of the proprietary plugin during several months appeared to boost the development of free alternatives such as Gnash.

Obviously, it is not nice to depend on proprietary non-free software in order to access the resources the internet has to offer. The Adobe flash plugin, apart from being closed-source, it has been reported as being buggy and one of the most typical causes for the web browser or the entire system to freeze. Security vulnerabilities have also often been reported and extensively exploited by crackers. If the free alternatives do not your for you, use it at your own risk.