Galiza apartheid (III): Spanish supremacism

Galiza apartheid (III): Spanish supremacism

I watched a documentary on the history of racial segregationism on the USA a couple of days ago. There was a section dedicated to school desegregation (integration). Certain images from the sixties shocked my mind because of the clear parallelism (inverse parallelism) with the situation we are suffering in Galiza right now. Indeed, in Galiza, small groups of Spanish supremacists with broad support from the media and the Spanish Popular Party (PP), have initiated a campaign to prevent their kids from being contaminated with anything reminding of the Galician culture or language. They use beautiful words, such a freedom and bilingualism, but in fact what they really want is to erase our past and any memory from the culture of our forefathers. Ideally, they would like to prevent all Galician kids from being aware that we have a culture and a language of our own. They want them to ignore our roots and to speak Spanish with a “neutral” Castillian accent as if they had been born in Madrid or some other town of the Castillian desert. In particular, they would wish the new generations to be unaware of our colonial past and present.

They wanted a segregated system, forcing the parents to decide whether they want their kids to be Galician or Spanish. Black or white. However, such a system would be too expensive and therefore the Galician government has opted for a milder form of acculturation, but also in terms of a partial dichotomy. It is amazing how morons resemble to each other:

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