Installing HPLIP 3.9.10 in Ubuntu Karmic Koala in order to obtain support for the HP Deskjet F2480 Series

The HP F2480 is a new and very minimalistic all-in-one printer which is not supported by the HPLIP drivers preinstalled in Ubuntu 9.10 (HPLIP 3.9.8). Therefore in order to obtain full support for this printer one needs to install the freshly released HPLIP 3.9.10. This is not very difficult, but not entirely straightforward:

0) Uninstall any previous packages related to HPLIP (Synaptic or PackageKit or apt-get or aptitude are your friends).

1) Download the installation file: $ wet -c

2) Make the file executable $ chmod +x

3) Run it $ ./

4) At the first prompt in the interactive console press “q” in order to abort the installation. This was just to extract the installation folder.

5) $ cd hplip-3.9.10

6) ./configure –libdir=/usr/lib64 –prefix=/usr –enable-qt4 –enable-doc-build –enable-cups-ppd-install –enable-foomatic-drv-install –enable-foomatic-ppd-install –enable-hpijs-install –enable-policykit –enable-cups-drv-install –enable-hpcups-install –enable-network-build –enable-dbus-build –enable-scan-build –enable-fax-build –enable-foomatic-rip-hplip-install

7) At this point you will probably get some error messages informing you of missing dependencies. You have to figure out how to install them (Synaptic or PackageKit or apt-get or aptitude are your friends). Most likely you will also need the corresponding development packages. In my case, there was snmp, lipcups, libusb and sane-related stuff. Install all you need and go back to step 6 as many times as required until the configuration is completed without errors.

8 ) $ make

9) $ sudo make install

10) Make sure that the regular user(s) willing to use the printer and/or the scanner are members of the lpadmin and/or saned groups, respectively. If there were not, you may need to logout or reboot for these changes to take effect (it was not required in my case).

11) $ sudo hp-setup

12) Follow the on-screen instructions.